Premier Kenney, Mayor Iveson in Favour of Edmonton's Potential Hosting of NHL's Resumed Season

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Alberta Premier Jason Kenney is throwing his support behind a plan that could potentially see the NHL playout its season in the province’s capital city ...

Kenney says he expects to talk again this week with NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman about the possibility that Edmonton could be one of two hub cities hosting teams to finish out the year.

Kenney notes that Edmonton has a new arena with an attached hotel for players and a declining curve of COVID-19 cases.

Edmonton Mayor Don Iveson is also voicing his support for the plan, issuing a statement on Tuesday that notes the city is ‘working closely with the Edmonton Oilers Group on an agreement to use Edmonton’s civic recreational facilities, which are currently closed to Edmontonians during the pandemic, where NHL teams could practice and train safely’.

The NHL is looking at improvised playoff scenarios, including a tournament of 24 teams spread over two cities.

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