EIPS Projects Budget Shortfall

Elk Island Public Schools has undertaken a full review of its funding allocations for the 2019-20 school year

School boards across the province are coming to grips with the provincial budget, and what cuts will mean to them, including at Elk Island Public Schools, a growing division facing a $5.3 million shortfall.

Chair of Elk Island Public Schools, Trina Boymook, says their initial budget was made with no indications as to what their funding might be for the year.

Boymook adds that they didn't anticipate the elimination of two funding allocations - class-size reduction funding and the School Fee Reduction Grant. Collectively, the cuts total more than $9 million. The Board has moved funds from it's unallocated reserves to help absorb the shortfall.

She adds that they anticipate staffing cuts next year, but hope that they can address that through retiring and probation staff.

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