Alberta Announces Virus Mitigating Travel Plans & Measures

Alberta is implementing new safety measures for travellers ...

As part of its relaunch strategy, the Alberta government is enacting, what they’re calling, ‘the strongest public health measures in the country’ for international travellers in the hopes of mitigating the spread of travel-related COVID-19 cases.

Much like the province’s economic relaunch strategy, the travel measures will be implemented in phases.

'Phase One' will see travellers arriving at the Calgary and Edmonton international airports from outside of Canada pass through a provincial checkpoint where they’ll need to complete an Alberta isolation plan detailing if they have an appropriate place to isolate for 14 days, how they’ll get there and what their plans are for getting essentials like food and medications

Additionally, they’ll undergo a thermal scan, as elevated body temperature is a potential symptom of COVID-19.

Premier Jason Kenney says international travel played a major role in the spread of the virus adding these are necessary measures to ensure the safety of Albertans.

According to the province, 'Phase Two' of the safety measures will a similar provincial checkpoint at the Alberta-U.S. border crossing at Coutts, which is the busiest in the province.

The checkpoint will help welcome people to the province while ensuring travellers are aware of Alberta’s COVID-19 protocols.

For both 'Phase One' and 'Phase Two', non-essential travel outside of the province is not recommended for Albertans.

'Phase Three' will see a lift on restrictions of non-essential travel.

There was no indication as to when Albertans can expect to see the province enter into different phases of the plan.


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