Happy Nest House Cleaning Tips

Candles and Summer Evenings. It's a thing of beauty. Until that candle wax lands on your furniture ...

It's Canada Day Long Weekend! ... And now the kids are home and making a mess all summer.

Ahead of Father's Day, here's a quick tip regarding 'Keeping a Cleaning Routine'.

Urg! It's Mosquito Season! Here's a few helpful hints to help banish the pesky pests.

Making the Bed ... Do you do it every morning?

May Long Weekend means the beginning of Window and Wall Cleaning at Happy Nest. Here's a few quick tips to help you tackle the same jobs.

To celebrate 'Mother's Day' Randi-Leigh passes along a few tips she learned from her Mom.

It's nearly Patio Season! Is your outdoor furniture ready?

Spring Means Mud ... Everywhere. Including in the House.

Have You Considered Cleaning the Appliance that Clean your Clothes?

Tips on Ironing. Or, Better Yet, Tips on how to Avoid it.

Spring is nearly here! Let that Sun Shine In with Clean Windows.

It's time to Clean ... Your Cleaning Supplies.

We Love our Pets ... but their Hair? Not so much.

No Wax Flooring? Here's how you can restore their luster. 

Keep your home smelling fresh and clean. RandiLeigh tells us how. 

What aren't you cleaning on a regular basis? RandiLeigh offers a few tips.

Top Cleaning! What is it and why should you be doing it? RandiLeigh tells us: 

Mold ... It could be there. But where? RandiLeigh tells us all about:

It's time to 'de-clutter' and RandiLeigh can help:

RandiLeigh offers Tips on Cleaning a Home that's been 'Smoked In':

Is your 'Cleaning Supplies' Area Clean? RandiLeigh offers tips on the essentials:

RandiLeigh offers a few suggestions when it comes to ridding your home of that pesky pet hair:

Is your New Year's Resolution to keep a Clean & Organized Home? RandiLeigh can help!:

RandiLeigh offers a few 'New Year's Eve' Party Host Tips:

Merry Christmas from Happy Nest House Cleaning. Remember, don't stress too much this Holiday Season:

RandiLeigh counts down to Christmas and offers a reminder when it comes to last minute Holiday Tips:

RandiLeigh counts down to Christmas and suggests you try 'De-Stressing' with some Holiday Baking: 

RandiLeigh counts down to Christmas and offers a few 'Holiday Entertaining Tips':