Christmas Cheer


Country 106.5 and McDonald’s in Vegreville want to help you spread a little cheer this Holiday Season!



Enter the name of someone deserving of a Christmas pick-me-up in the form below for a chance to win them a $100 McDonald’s Gift Card. Tell us why you think they deserve it and we’ll spread a little cheer by reading your entry on the air!

Name of Person You're Entering
Tell us why you think they deserve a $100 McDonald's Gift Card. Please Note: This will be read on the air.
If your entry wins, we'll be contacting you to spread the cheer and give them the gift card (Note: Your Phone Number will NOT be read on the air)

Rules & Regulations:

  1. Winner will be selected via random draw.
  2. One entry per person.
  3. Country 106.5 will contact the winner’s nominator, not the nominee. Gift Card will be given to the nominator and will become nominator’s responsibility to ensure the person/family/group who was nominated receives it. Neither Country 106.5 nor McDonalds will be held responsible if Gift Card is not given to the nominee.
  4. Entry Deadline is 10:00pm on Wednesday, December 19th.
  5. Winner will be announced on Thursday, December 20th.
  6. Entries that are deemed vulgar, crude or containing inappropriate information will not be read on air and will not be entered into the draw.


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