Two Hills Hosts S.P.A.A. Sr. High Curling Championships

The Two Hills Curling Club is set to host the St. Paul Athletics Association’s Senior High Curling Championships today ...

Two Hills School Teacher and Curling Coach Kendall Warawa talks about the event.

Without an actual School Division Associated Curling League, Two Hills School Curlers spent plenty of time practicing leading up to today’s event and, in the case Mixed Team Third Kendall Musgrave, honing their skills in a different kind of league.

Two Hills School Men’s Team Skip Colton Geier is a part of a group students who are getting to use to new Two Hills Curling Rink for the first time this season and he says it’s been fantastic.

Warawa says curling is certainly a sport on the rise in Two Hills.

Four schools in total will compete in at least one of the three different categories of either Mixed, Mens or Ladies including Two Hills School, Myrnam, F.G. Miller and St. Paul Regional High School.

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