Vegreville Fire Department Makes Donation for Fire Fighters in Ukraine

After a presentation earlier this month to the Vegreville Rotary Club, a pair of Edmonton Fire Fighters collecting used equipment for Fire Fighters in the Ukraine have received a substantial donation from the Vegreville Fire Department

The Town of Vegreville’s Emergency Services Department has made a substantial donation of used equipment to aid their firefighting brothers and sisters in the Ukraine.

Fire Chief for the Town of Vegreville, Phil Rowe, says the donation was made to two fire fighters from Edmonton Fire and Rescue Services who, as part of a humanitarian mission, are soliciting donations of used equipment and financial support to aid fire departments in the Ukraine.

Rowe says according to the members collecting donations on behalf of the mission, the lack of proper equipment is staggering.

He explains what the Vegreville Fire Department’s donation consisted of.

Rowe says the gear, which is no longer in service with the department, was one of the largest donations to the humanitarian effort to date and adds it, along with other donations from across the country, are expected to be shipped to the Ukraine on June 18th.

Vegreville’s Fire Department was put in contact with those collecting donations through the Vegreville Rotary Club, which had hosted a presentation on the mission earlier this month.

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