Vegreville Council Approves Raises

Members of Vegreville Town Council and the Mayor will get a raise in their monthly honorarium starting next year

Members of Vegreville Council and the Mayor will be getting a raise.

At their last meeting, council approved a policy that would see Councillors receive a $100 increase to their monthly honorarium in 2017, while the mayor will see a $250 increase.

Town Councillor and Chair of the Council Remuneration Committee, Taneen Rudyk, says it's been a long time since wages have changed.

Starting in 2017, Councillors will receive an honorarium of $1,200 per month, while the Mayor will receive $3,750 per month

Rudyk adds that they have also introduced a Council professional Development Policy, and Travel and Expense policy, in order to save money in the town's operating expenses.

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