V.F.D. Makes Local History with a Pair of Lieutenant Promotions

The Vegreville Fire Department promoted two of their firefighters to the rank of Lieutenant on Wednesday, one of whom becomes the first ever female Lieutenant in the history of the department ...

Editor's Note: On Saturday, January 6th it was brought to the attention of the Vegreville Fire Department that Sherry Haque was not the first ever female V.F.D Lieutenant and that that honor belonged to Mrs. Lana Roach. Fire Chief Phil Rowe immediately contacted Country 106 and asked for a moment on air to publicly apologize for the error and acknowledge Mrs. Roach.

That conversation can be heard HERE:

Country 106 has left the original story regarding Haque's (as well as fellow Fire Fighter Brayden Ferguson's) promotion to Lieutenant unchanged for context.


After a three month process involving written exams, scenario essays and interviews with senior officers, three-year Fire Fighter Brayden Ferguson and four-year Fire Fighter Sherry Haque were offered a promotion to the rank of Lieutenant.

Haque, who becomes the first ever female Lieutenant in the history of the department, says the promotion process was a long one but notes it was well worth it in the end.

Meantime, Ferguson says he's looking forward to taking a leadership role with the department.

Fire Chief for the Town of Vegreville Phil Rowe talks about his new Lieutenants, noting that while Haque's promotion is a monumental one for the department, it wasn't something that factored into their decision making.

Rowe says it’s important to see new a generation of department leaders emerge.

In all, five current Vegreville Fire Fighters applied for the position of Lieutenant and Rowe notes that the final decision was an exceptionally difficult one adding that the remaining three candidates have been offered officer training in the hopes of continuing to groom them for the future. 

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