'Two Steps Forward, One Step Back' Harvest Continues for Regional Producers

Image From: www.agric.gov.ab.ca

The Weather Roller-Coaster has continued to tease regional producers in October’s early going, that according to the latest Alberta Crop Report ...

Favorable weather conditions allowed producers here in the Northeast Region to make 21 per cent harvest progress, but rain followed by snow earlier this month halted harvest operations.

Nearly 53 per cent of the crops are in the bin, 23 per cent in swath and 24 per cent still standing – however, most of the standing crops have been lodged or flattened, due to heavy snow and wind.

The Northeast’s Harvest Progress pales in comparison to the South and Central Zones in Alberta which sit at 99 and 87 percent complete respectively.

The good news is that regional crop quality for the top two grades of the spring wheat, canola and dry peas has been reported above the provincial 5-year average, but only 13 per cent of barley is eligible for malt while only two per cent of oats and dry peas are graded as Number 1.

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