Town Reviews Snow Removal Policy; Apologises for Slow Start

The Town of Vegreville is changing it's snow removal policy, and offering an apology for it's slow start on clearing streets after last weekend's storm

There has been plenty of confusion as to the Town of Vegreville's seemingly slow response to snow removal after last weekends storm. Council held a special meeting yesterday to address what went wrong in it's response.

It was revealed that the Town currently does not offer overtime for snow removal on evenings and weekends; a policy that was put in place by a previous council six years ago, and does not have a "trigger mechanism" in terms of the amount of snow that falls that would send crews to work on the removal.

Mayor Tim MacPhee apologized to the citizens of Vegreville for the situation.

MacPhee adds that crews are now authorized to work overtime to get the job of snow removal done. He also noted that Vegreville is unique in terms of it's snow removal, in that it actually hauls away snow, and doesn't just plow it to the sides of the roads.

It was noted that in order for the entire town to be finished, it could take up to two weeks. In the meantime, council will be reviewing different policies that will be presented at it's next council meeting to officially be approved.

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