Town Continually Frustrated by Government Response to C.P.C. Closure

Vegreville Town Council continues to be frustrated by the Federal Government's response to the impact the closure of the Case Processing Centre would have on the town

Vegreville Town Council is fuming after catching wind of a letter sent from two Assistant Deputy Ministers to the Public Service Alliance of Canada concerning the relocation of the Case Processing Centre from Vegreville to Edmonton. The letter, signed by Corporate Services Assistant Deputy Minister Stefanie Beck and Operations Assistant Deputy Minister Robert Orr, continues to debate issues as laid out by the town of what the impact would be to the town and surrounding area.

Mayor Myron Hayduk says the whole situation continues to frustrate him.

Hayduk adds that he hopes Vegreville residents themselves will do more to fight the C.P.C. closure, noting that they have received great support from other communities, but more needs to be done at home.

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