Tofield Mounties Investigate Motor Collision with Girl

RCMP are reminding people to take precautions when walking on road

Tofield Mounties are reminding the public to be safe when walking on the shoulder of the road. This after a report on Tuesday of a 12 year old girl being involved with a collision with a pick up truck along Highway 855.

RCMP determined that the girl was walking on a very dark section of the highway, just north of Holden, when she was struck by the southbound pickup truck.

The girl was transported to the University of Alberta Hospital where she is being treated for injuries. The investigation into the circumstances of the accident is ongoing.

In the meantime, the RCMP are reminding the public that when walking on a roadway, to walk on the shoulder facing oncoming traffic and to wear brightly-coloured or reflective clothing. In doing, pedestrians can see approaching traffic while walking and make themselves more visible to drivers on the road.

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