RCMP Warn of Scammers

RCMP are warning residents of yet aother computer scam

Strathcona County RCMP are warning residents of a computer scam.
Mounties say there are several versions of a scam which has been circulating and caused citizens to lose thousands of dollars.
It begins with a phone call from a person claiming to work for a software company. The victim is told there is an issue with their software protection or the company is going out of business and cannot continue providing software support. In both instances they will advise the victim they are entitled to a refund.
The victim is requested to accept the refund by logging on to a pop-up Pay Pal account or allowing the scammer to access their computer. By allowing access to the computer, the scammer will either have entry to online bank accounts or in other cases will request ransom in order to stop accessing the victim's computer.
In order to prevent against becoming a victim, police urge citizens not to give control of your computer to a third party who calls you out of the blue.
Do not rely on caller ID alone to authenticate a caller. Criminals spoof caller ID numbers. They may even appear to be calling from a legitimate company or a local number, when they are not even in the same country as you.
Never give out your password on the phone. Police say no legitimate organization calls you and asks for your password.
And online search results might not be the best way to find technical support or get a company's contact information. Scammers sometimes place online ads to convince you to call them. They pay to boost their rankings in search results so their websites and phone numbers appear above those of legitimate companies. If you want tech support, look for a company's contact information on their software package or on your receipt.

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