RCMP Warn Drivers to Remove Snow from Vehicles

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Drivers could face fines for not properly clearing snow from vehicles prior to hitting the road, that according to Vegreville RCMP ... (Video of what NOT to do)

On the heels of a surge of snow, RCMP in Vegreville are reminding drivers to ensure their vehicles are properly brushed off before shifting into drive.

Corporal Leigh Drinkwater with the Vegreville RCMP Detachment says ensuring your windshield is entirely clear of snow or frost before driving is not only a matter a road safety, not doing so is a fineable offense.

He adds it’s not just the windshield that drivers should be clearing.  

Drinkwater says not having your windshield properly clear of obstructions like snow, ice and frost could result in a fine of $155-or more.

Environment Canada’s Snow Fall Warning remained in effect for the region as of Saturday morning with another five centimeters expected throughout the day.

(video captured on 401 Highway in Toronto from January)



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