March is Fraud Prevention Month

The RCMP and Government of Canada are reminding people to be aware of fraudsters out there, attempting to trick you out of your money

March is Fraud Prevention Month, and the RCMP are spreading awareness about tactics fraudsters use, and tips to not fall victim.

Constable Curtis Harsulla with the Vegreville detachment, says that Canada Revenue Agency Scams are a big one in this area.

Harsulla notes that even if it comes up on a call display as the Canada Revenue Agency, it could just be another tactic by fraudsters to sound genuine.

He adds that if you get a call from the C.R.A. or other institution saying you owe money and it sounds fishy, to hang up, and call the institution back at their official phone number to verify the facts.

If you believe you are the victim of fraud, contact the RCMP, and your financial institution.

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