Former Vegreville Resident Offers Insight on Life in China

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Morgana Larsen, a long-time resident of Vegreville, is now teaching in the country at the center of the coronavirus ...

A former Vegreville resident who’s now teaching English abroad in China has shared her perspective on living in the country at the center of what the World Health Organization has declared as a 'global health emergency'.

Morgana Larsen spent over 35 years in and around Vegreville before electing to pursue a teaching career overseas.

Larsen is currently teaching Grade Two students in Guangzhou, China and says despite being located about a thousand kilometers away from Wuhan, the epicenter of the Coronavirus, she has certainly seen the effects first hand.

She says she, and the rest of the region she currently calls home, is living in a state of semi-quarantine.

Even despite that, Larsen says she’s not losing sleep over the Coronavirus.

She adds that she's impressed with the Chinese Government’s quick response to the infectious disease.

Larsen says while hoping on a plane and coming back to Canada isn’t exactly an option at the moment, even if it was, she would have no immediate plans to leave China.


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