Fire Department Reminds Residents What Can Be Burnt

Thanks to longer days and warmer weather, a back yard fire is great way to enjoy a spring evening, but the Vegreville Fire Department reminds you that you can't burn just anything

With warmer evenings, a backyard fire pit can be great way to enjoy the spring and summer months but the Vegreville Fire Department reminds you to be cautious of what you're burning.

Fire Chief for the Town of Vegreville Phil Rowe says he's received too many complaints about harsh odors and acrid smoke coming from back yard fire pits in town this spring.

Rowe says the burning of treated lumber, household scraps and really anything that isn't clean, dry wood is a matter of public health.

Rowe reminds residents that it's clean, dry wood in backyard fire pits, or nothing at all.

Rowe says it's a matter a public safety, adding that the toxins released into air when treated wood is burnt are hazardous to one's health.

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