Fee Structure Set for Repeat 'False Alarm' Offenders

Vegreville residents are being urged to familiarize themselves with their automated alarm monitoring systems ...

Vegreville Town Council recently passed its new ‘Fire Services Bylaw’ and with it, a fee structure for repeat residential ‘False Alarm’ offenders.

Under the new bylaw, a fire department response to a second false alarm at the same residence within a six month span could result in a $100 fee for service, with each subsequent response within that same six month span coming along with a potential $250 dollar fee.

Fire Chief for the Town of Vegreville Phil Rowe says the market has been flooded with both residential and commercial alarm monitoring systems recently, which, has come along with a spike in false alarms.

Rowe says false alarms come at a cost to the tax payer.

V.F.D. Public Education Specialist Lieutenant Sherry Haque says new responsibilities come along with the new technology.

In order to avoid becoming a repeat ‘False Alarm’ offender, Haque recommends that if your system sounds to: A; confirm the alarm is indeed a ‘False Alarm’ and B; make a couple of immediate phone calls.

Haque adds that proper alarm system maintenance as well as requesting alarm companies to contact key holders prior to 9-1-1 are other ways residents can help limit ‘False Alarms’.

Those with questions or concerns regarding their alarm monitoring systems can email vfd@vegreville.com

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