Extreme Cold Prompts RCMP Warning Regarding Unattended & Running Vehicles

Image Credit: www.rcmp-grc.gc.ca

Amid the bone chilling temperatures, Vegreville RCMP are reminding motorist not to leave unattended vehicles running with the keys in the ignition ...

Corporal Leigh Drinkwater says while he understands the desire the keep vehicles running in the cold, if the keys are left behind, you’re asking for trouble.

He says RCMP see a spike in reports of stolen vehicles during cold spells.

Drinkwater also notes motorist should prepare accordingly should they be braving the highways amid the extreme cold.

He says anything can happen on Alberta roads at the best of the times, but especially so in winter, adding should you end up stranded in the extreme cold, the situation can become dire in a hurry.

He recommends preparing for a ‘worse case’ scenario.

On Tuesday, Edmonton Police Service unveiled ‘Operation Cold Start’, a public awareness and education campaigned aimed at reminding the public not to leave vehicles idling, unlocked or with keys inside.

More than 50 vehicles were reported stolen in Edmonton last weekend alone, one-third of which were left idling, unlocked and with the keys inside.

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