Culinary Kids at V.C.H.S. Promote Healthy Snacking to A.L. Horton Students

Students at V.C.H.S. have put ‘healthy’ on the menu and yesterday they took on a mentorship role for their younger student counterparts ...

Students enrolled in Vegreville Composite High’s Grade 8 culinary arts course spent yesterday morning tutoring Grade 1 students from A.L. Horton about eating well based on the Alberta Nutrition Guidelines for Children and Youth.

Culinary Arts Teacher Deanna Miller came up with the mentoring model.

Grade 8 Student Lyndon Stewart says the Grade 1’s seemed to enjoy the culinary offerings … that is, after some negotiations.

Meantime, yesterday’s target demographic couldn’t seem to get enough of the healthy snacks – at least according to Grade 1 Student Emily Codslow.

The Grade 1’s visit to the Comp is in conjunction with the launch of Elk Island Public Schools’ newest administrative procedure, AP 1-64 Nutrition; which sets a standard for food and beverages served on school property following guidelines laid out in the Alberta Nutrition Guidelines for Children and Youth, all in the hopes of promoting healthy food choices and eating habits


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