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Happy Nest House Cleaning Tips

JUNE 7th, 2017: Candles and Summer Evenings. It's a thing of beauty. Until that candle wax lands on your furniture ...

JULY 1st, 2017: It's Canada Day Long Weekend! ... And now the kids are home and making a mess all summer.

JUNE 16th, 2017: Ahead of Father's Day, here's a quick tip regarding 'Keeping a Cleaning Routine'.

JUNE 9th, 2017: Urg! It's Mosquito Season! Here's a few helpful hints to help banish the pesky pests.

JUNE 2nd, 2017: Making the Bed ... Do you do it every morning?

MAY 19th, 2017: May Long Weekend means the beginning of Window and Wall Cleaning at Happy Nest. Here's a few quick tips to help you tackle the same jobs.

MAY 12th, 2017: To celebrate 'Mother's Day' Randi-Leigh passes along a few tips she learned from her Mom.

MAY 5th, 2017: It's nearly Patio Season! Is your outdoor furniture ready?

APRIL 28th, 2017: Spring Means Mud ... Everywhere. Including in the House.

APRIL 21st, 2017: Have You Considered Cleaning the Appliance that Clean your Clothes?

APRIL 7th, 2017: Tips on Ironing. Or, Better Yet, Tips on how to Avoid it.

MARCH 31st, 2017: Spring is nearly here! Let that Sun Shine In with Clean Windows.

MARCH 24th, 2017: It's time to Clean ... Your Cleaning Supplies.

MARCH 17th, 2017: We Love our Pets ... but their Hair? Not so much.

MARCH 10th, 2017: No Wax Flooring? Here's how you can restore their luster. 

MARCH 3rd, 2017: Keep your home smelling fresh and clean. RandiLeigh tells us how. 

FEBRUARY 24th, 2017: What aren't you cleaning on a regular basis? RandiLeigh offers a few tips.

FEBRUARY 17th, 2017: Top Cleaning! What is it and why should you be doing it? RandiLeigh tells us: 

FEBRUARY 10th, 2017: Mold ... It could be there. But where? RandiLeigh tells us all about:

FEBRUARY 3rd, 2017: It's time to 'de-clutter' and RandiLeigh can help:

JANUARY 27th, 2017: RandiLeigh offers Tips on Cleaning a Home that's been 'Smoked In':

JANUARY 20th, 2017: Is your 'Cleaning Supplies' Area Clean? RandiLeigh offers tips on the essentials:

JANUARY 13th, 2017: RandiLeigh offers a few suggestions when it comes to ridding your home of that pesky pet hair:

JANUARY 6th, 2017: Is your New Year's Resolution to keep a Clean & Organized Home? RandiLeigh can help!:

DECEMBER 30th, 2016: RandiLeigh offers a few 'New Year's Eve' Party Host Tips:

DECEMBER 23rd, 2016: Merry Christmas from Happy Nest House Cleaning. Remember, don't stress too much this Holiday Season:

DECEMBER 16th, 2016: RandiLeigh counts down to Christmas and offers a reminder when it comes to last minute Holiday Tips:

DECEMBER 9th, 2016: RandiLeigh counts down to Christmas and suggests you try 'De-Stressing' with some Holiday Baking: 

DECEMBER 2nd, 2016: RandiLeigh counts down to Christmas and offers a few 'Holiday Entertaining Tips':